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The plan of the open lesson. Grade: 7 A
27-05-2013 13:13
The plan of the open lesson. Grade: 7 A

Teacher: Smagulova Aizat Eskazievna

Date: 12.09.12

Grade: 7 A

Time: 10.50

Theme: Did you forget? Past Simple

The aims of the lesson: To develop pupil’s grammar skills and teach them to speak English correctly in the past.

1.     Organization moment   (3min)

-Good morning children!

-How are you?

-What season is it now?

-Who is absent today?

-What is the date today?

Let's do the phonetic exercise!        


                                                          Autumn is yellow,

                                                          Winter is white,

                                                          Spring is green

                                                          Summer is bright! 

2.     Checking the home-task(10 min)

-What was your home-task for today?

-Our home-task was to write a composition `How did we spend our summer holidays`

-Who is ready?

           3. New lesson (20 min)

           1. -Today we are going to learn to speak in the Past. Past Simple.

               - What is the Kazakh for Past Simple?

               -Let’s remember, when do we use Past Simple?- For the action in the past.- Right.

               -Look at the interactive board!

               -How do we form Past Simple?

           2. Read this text and find the verbs of Past Simple!

               -Who wants begin?

           3.  Open the page 14. Ex 2a. Listen! Ana is at the Grants flat. The phone is ringing.

                     2b. Listen again and answer the questions.

           4. Let's answer the question in the past?  Rustam!What did you do yesterday?

  5.    Ok, today you have been active! Clever pupils! I give you your marks.

Take your home–task for the next lesson. Ex1, 2 p16